An excerpt from "Peer Crash" (WIP)

        Ercan Ogretmen squinted his heavy lidded eyes against the already bright, rising sun as he picked his way down Yeniceriler Street. He yawned widely, running one dry papery hand through his unkempt hair. Coming in so early and at weekends was doing his personal grooming no favours. As he slid between the early morning foot-traffic he pondered the most recent test’s disappointing results. The first problem to solve when trying to create a neural network modeled on the human brain was getting the constituent parts working. They had neurons in their most basic form sorted and the communication between them was taking shape too. So why were the results so lacklustre? Ercan was so deep in thought he nearly walked straight past his destination. Kahve Vaha was a narrow fronted coffee shop with shaded windows promising a cool interior away from the day’s heat. Ercan navigated his way between the beaten, green wrought iron chairs outside, their paint thick like sedimentary deposits.

        The smell, first coffee, then honey and nuts, assailed his nostrils as his eyes adjusted to the darker interior. He scanned for Makbule Babacan the owner of Kahve Vaha. Suddenly he felt a crushing grip on his shoulder and a hard point thrust into his back. He spun just as Makbule released his bear like grip on his shoulder and let out a guffaw of laughter. “Ha ha! Are you ok? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” Ercan’s first flush of anger dissolved as he saw his old friend’s broad grinning face. “Did you think I was the Mansure come to grab you and steal you away in the night?” Makbule was a bull of a man, not tall but with broad shoulders and a deep chest. He had a large bent nose speaking of one to many brawls and ruddy cheeks that told of too many nights spent drinking raki. Ercan knew both were true - he had helped with both.

to be continued...